Ghetto Gospel - The Price You Pay EP Tambores de Guerra Discos


Tambores de Guerra Discos #13.

"Straight from Greece, my new favorite corner of the hardcore world, we have Ghetto Gospel – “The Price You Pay” EP, which contains 9 formidable songs from members of the Volos hardcore and metal scenes. On vocals is Apostolis, the man behind the “New Wave Of Hardcore Mixtape”, as reviewed for In Effect late last year. My favorite thing about this EP is its unpredictable mosh parts and hybrid of styles. The songs are short and fast but there are also unexpected mosh parts that jump out at you periodically, which adds up to the sort of release that grabs your interest.

The EP is bracketed with clips from the 2pac song “Ghetto Gospel”, first at the beginning of the intro and then at the end of final track “Losin’ The Fight,” which is also the only song here over 2 minutes long. If you just search for this in Bandcamp and hit play, it might skip the intro track, as it did during my first two listens before I had added it to my collection. I’m not trying to say the intro is not exciting, but it’s more straightforward than the rest of the record, the opposite of how some bands start things off with a hard intro but their subsequent songs suffer in quality. Anyway, I was hooked immediately by “Scum”, which is track 2. It is followed by “Run Run Run”, the beginning of which reminds me of Agnostic Front – “Power,” along with the vocals reflecting a bit of Miret at various places on this release.

The whole thing almost adds up to a combination of early Agnostic Front and a more pared down version of Strength For A Reason, or comes off as the type of band I would have seen in Baltimore in the early 2000’s. I first got the Baltimore and SFAR vibes on “Side By Side”, a solid tune featuring some movie clips in Greek. Title track “The Price You Pay” has both my favorite bass line and mosh part, and the AF references continue with super short song “Last Warning.” Ghetto Gospel wraps things up with 3 last tracks, but overall this feels shorter than 9 songs, which perhaps they recognized by denoting it as an EP. So there you have it - the latest report from In Effect's new Greek bureau - check it out on Bandcamp."

-Becky McAuley (In Effect Hardcore)